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With the publication status of the official Wells County Genealogy Society's newsletter currently in limbo, material collected for future issues is being placed in some categories organized by THEMES:

Note: The newly revised Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules of the WCGS (Indiana) passed during the November 2023 meeting are posted here in html and here in pdf.

The previous constitution is posted here in html and here in pdf.

Membership in the Wells County Genealogy Society entitles one to receive the newsletter published six times a year and an annual membership directory. Annual membership dues are $25.00 and renewals are due in January; new memberships begun anytime during the calendar year will receive all six issues for that year. Mail a check with your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and surnames of interest for the annual membership directory to WCGS, P O Box 54, Bluffton IN 46714-0054.

A membership application is available here for download as a pdf.

The newsletter of the Wells County Genealogy Society is named the Wells County Tracer. As with some other publications, the material printed is research or data known as of that date. Ongoing research after that date of issue can be presented in a variety of ways. A newsletter that has six issues per year and a limited number of pages cannot continue to provide updated information in subsequent issues and still keep printing additional, new material. (However, errors will be noted in the next available issue after discovery.) Newsletter articles that reference continuing research that is being done will be reprinted here and updated versions will be added as revisions are made.

Where the printed publication notes internet sites, links will be provided here. Both the full address and the redirect address will redundantly be shown. The genealogy links page is no longer accessible at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~thomasliby/wcgs/wcgslinks.html and will not be updated. Some of it may be merged with this page.

In addition, related and supplemental material, which space limitations prevent from being printed, will be presented here.

A name index for the Wells County Tracer is here. The index for the first twenty years of the newsletter, 1996 - 2015, consisted of 18,810 lines of names.
The index for the twenty-five (25) volumes through 2020 had 25,782 lines of names.
An update through March 2021 contained over 27,000 lines of names, 27,009 to be exact.
This last update covering the twenty-seven (27) years through November 2022, has 28,415 lines.
It is anticipated that there may be an update after the November 2023 issue is published.

Note: Right click on the images below to "Open image in new tab" to enlarge.

Volume 29  Number 1   January 2024

The first hybrid meeting of the WCGS was held at the Wells County Public Library using their Wi-Fi. Jenna Langston, Beth Steury's daughter, set up and ran the Facebook Live and Jason Habegger, head of Adult Services at the WCPL, and Beth assisted with the zoom meeting. Because files were too large to attach to an email to members, the zoom recordings are here in audio only audio1512525474.m4a and the video1512525474.mp4 of the meeting may be found here.


Volume 28  Number 6   November 2023

A pdf of a summary of this issue may be found here.

Volume 28  Number 5   September 2023

overflow from page 5.
A party of boys, including Kenneth Huyette, Lawrence Zehrung, William Thoma, George Erexson, and William Buckner are camping out at Boiling Springs, enjoying a fine vacation.

Bluffton, Indiana: Bluffton Chronicle. VOLUME 50. NO. 2. Wednesday, July 12, 1916. p. 5, col. 5.

Volume 28  Number 4   July 2023

A pdf of a summary of this issue can be found here.

Volume 28  Number 3   May 2023

Volume 28  Number 2   March 2023

Cindy Hedges second issue as editor

Volume 28  Number 1   January 2023

We are so grateful that Cindy Lindemann Hedges, our Treasurer, has volunteered to be editor of the newsletter. Her inaugural issue consists of:

Volume 27  Number 6   November 2022

With the reduction in the number of pages this year, but especially with this last issue, there has been a lack of explanation for the contents. The newspaper articles about wrecks on the railroad were prompted by a discussion at the Museum and from the slide show in the Museum during Bluffton's Free Street Fair showing pictures of a train falling into the Wabash River. The contents transitioned into fires at the depot and schools. Pages concluded with articles on other fires, the subject of Connie Brubaker's fall sessions on Wells County History as part of the Parks Department's Senior Snippets classes. The WCHS's book on Wells County Schools should be released this year.

What follows is some of the overflow that had been included in drafts of the last newsletter, but did not fit into the final copy.



By Thomas Liby

Don't panic, you may be paid for 2023. This is only a notice that your editor is resigning effective this issue. Hopefully, your subscription will continue without interuption when someone volunteers to be editor. But, based on the experience of the Historical Society when I resigned after the first two quarters' issues in 2021, I am aware of only a couple of flyers from them announcing event dates.

While editor of the WCGS newsletter since my inaugural September 2012 issue, I tried to maintain the standards set by Linda Thomas, a previous editor with her twelve (12) page format. It was an ideal "sweet spot" length as the six sheets weighed at an ounce, qualifying for one first class stamp. My filler of old newspaper articles attempted to match hers. The record sixty-two issues produced this editor will hopefully be exceeded in the next ten+plus years by the next editor.

It was my fantasy for the various organizations for which I was an editor to have a monthly newsletter and a quarterly journal -- a newsletter for reports, announcements and minutes and a journal for lengthy scholarly articles. That is not going to happen for the three or four groups, but it is still my fantasy and having collected a wealth of material on the seven dozen themes organize on my computer and since loving doing this, I may have a personal monthly electronic publication to share some of this material. More on this later.

You may now panic.



By Thomas Liby

Of course, all members of the WCGS should be aware of the ACPL pages (acpl.lib.in.us/genealogy). Another resource is the New York Public Library Digital Collections (https://digitalcollections.nypl.org). It, like other libraries, has books, magazines, maps, images and postcards online. Specifically, it has NY City Directories, atlas and photographs of New York as part of their over 922,000 items.

A noteworthy feature of their digital collections is that some items can be filtered in searches as 'public domain or no known U.S. copyright restrictions.'


An interesting companion article to the one appearing in the newsletter unfortunately had a long gash through many of the microfilmed pages on the Wells County Public Library's roll. The long streak on the microfilm made some lines illegible.


A suggestion has been made that the city team be used in doing much of the street work that has to be about the city. This it is argued w give the iv of exercise Oppos it is shown that the team was bought to protect the city and the property of the citizens in case of fire by getting the fire fighting apparatus on the site as quickly as possible. This end it is said would be defeated if the team was worked on the streets. For example the horses might be hauling a scraper clear out on the end of Main street when a fire alarm would sound. They would have almost a mile to run before they would reach the city building and the fire might do serious damage before they could get the wagon on the scene.
Bluffton, Indiana: The Bluffton Banner VOL. LV, NO. 3 Wednesday Evening, January 13, 1904 p. 2, col. 2.

[horses for fire only]

Bluffton, Indiana: The Bluffton Banner VOL. LV, NO. 3 Wednesday Evening, January 13, 1904 p. 2, col. 2.

Volume 27  Number 5   September 2022


The issue continues promoting a book on the subject to be published by the WCHS. This is overflow from the printed version.



After a session lasting from nine o'clock in the morning until 1:30 p. M. Tuesday, the township advisory board of Rockcreek township, who met with Township Trustee Frank Fishbaugh and property owners at the office of County Superintendent Huyett announced that they did not deem it advisable to grant the petition for a new graded school building to be erected at the center of the township. This decision




Farmers of Rockcreek township, among other things believe that the "safety of the republic depends upon its schools." and the best equipment for the boys and girls as they go out from their homes to do for themselves is that heart and intellectural training so necessary in the hustle and sharp competition of the twentieth century. Tuesday a petition containing the names of citizens and taxpayers of the township, was presented Trustee Frank Fishbaugh asking for a moder commodious and hygienic building to be erected in the center of the township, for high school purposes. The list was large, the request was explicit and urgent, and that it will receive favorable action is believed. The house, in the minds of the promotors, will cost approximately $15,000. A judicious investment of this sum should outrival any structure of this kind in the county. When this is built Jackson will be the only township without a high school in its borders.
Bluffton, Indiana:



Township Gets $500 With Which to
Build New House.

The Home Insurance company made a settlement Monday for the Arbaugh school fire. The building was situated in Union township. Four hundred dollars was allowed on the structure with one hundred on the contents, making a total of $500.
Bluffton, Indiana: The Bluffton Banner. VOL. LI, NO 4 Wednesday Evening, January 25, 1905. p. 5, col. 2.

Volume 27  Number 4   July 2022

To promote the WCHS and the WCPL s House Walk, this column has the following:

We learn that George McFarren has bought a lot of Joseph C. Silver, just opposite Lee Kapp's residence, on which he intends to erect a fine dwelling. The size of the lot is 100x140 and the price paid is $1,190, cash. It is perhaps the most desirable place for a residence in town.
Bluffton, Indiana: Bluffton Weekly Chronicle. VOLUME XII. NUMBER 34. Thursday, March 17, 1881. p. 3, col. 2.

Levi (Lee) S. Kapp, Bluffton Mfg. Co. President was living at 106 W. Central and Albert L. Kapp, Bluffton Mfg. Co. Treasurer, was at 518 S. Main. Across the street would be G. F. McFarren, a clothing merchant, at 505 S. Main.



A very noticeable house on the southeast corner of South Main and East Central was built by G. F. McFarren, the proprietor of his store on the northeast corner of Main and Market streets.

McFarren, G F (Martha J) Clothier McFarren & Son, 505 South Main.  Phone 246
McFarren, Earl, 505 South Main

Kapp, L S (Nancy) President Bluffton Mfg Co, 106 West Central Ave
Kapp, A L (Nellie) Treasurer Bluffton Mfg Co, 518 South Main.  Phone 109
Kapp, Hugh M (Henrietta) Secretary  Bluffton Mfg Co, 521 South Marion.  Phone 329
Bluffton City Directory May 1, 1902. Compiled by Will B. Gutelius, P. A. Allen. Bluffton, Ind.: The Banner

Kapp, Levi S. (Mrs. Lee S.) Bluffton Mfg. Co., 106 W. Central; O.
Kapp, Albert (Nellie G.) Bluffton Mfg. Co., 518 S. Main; O; phone 109.
	Kapp, Dwight.
	Kapp, Robin.
	Kapp, Naomi.
	Kapp, John G.

McFarren, G. F. (Martha) clothing merchant, 505 S. Main; O; phone 246.
Directory of Wells County and City of Bluffton, 1908., p. 100 [Kapp], p. 108 [McFarren].

So, McFarren's house is on the southeast corner. Across the street, on the southwest corner, is Levi Kapp's house facing Central, thus the 106 address. (At other times the house number is 104.) The next house south of Levi's on the west side of Main is Albert Kapp's at 518.

The newsletter had an additional news item pertaining to South Main homes.

Several large residences will be erected in the city this summer. Mike Dailey is building the foundation, and is also having plans made for an eight room house on South Main street. It will have all the modern improvements. Plans are also being made for A. B. Cline's home on Market street. It will be large and roomy and one of the finest in Bluffton when completed, as Mr. Cline is going to spare no expense in its construction. Sam Bender will add a large piazza on the front and side of his Central Avenue home.
Bluffton Chronicle. VOLUME 29. NUMBER 43 Wednesday, April 27, 1898. p. 2, col. 4.

In addition to the 1898 newspaper report on the South Main house, A. B. Cline's house (southeast corner of Market and Williams) was previously noted in earlier newsletters several times and Samuel Bender's house was highlighted on the West Central House Walk with Jim Sturgeon as well as previous newsletters. [see Name Index]

Tocsin program   2:00 Sunday afternoon 02 October 2022 at the Museum Annex
[newspaper article on Tocsin school's first commencement]
Tocsin H. S. first graduating class

Volume 27  Number 3   May 2022

p. 1 of newsletter: South Main Street, Bluffton IN
The 200 block of S Main St is the focus of the newspaper article transcript appearing on the front page of the newsletter. In question are the plumbers, the grocery, the house and the business located on South Main. Two years, 1908 and twenty-four years prior, are of interest.

Amos Hale is off duty from the C. E. Baumgardner grocery on account of sickness.
Bluffton, Indiana: The Evening News. EIGHTEENTH YEAR, No. 152. Tuesday, March 29, 1910. p. 3, col. 5.

[view of McBride home at 214 S Main St]
view of McBride home at 214 S Main St
Right click on the image to "Open image in new tab" to enlarge.

This McLain photograph of the group in front of the W. W. McBride home at 214 South Main Street in Bluffton IN was taken 28 September 1900, Old People's Day. Maude McBride is the middle of three women in the lower left corner wearing white blouses. She is marked with an 'x'.
At the time of the census in 1910, Maud McBride was 36 and single, living with her widowed mother Mary M. (age 69) at 215 South Main St.

[rag rug making at McBride home, 214 S Main St]
rag rug making at McBride home, 214 S Main St

William McBride (18 Jun 1805 - 15 May 1871) moved with his family to Bluffton in 1840 and opened his cabinet shop at the southeast corner of Main and Elm. The shop also became the Post Office in 1848 when he was appointed the second postmaster in Bluffton.

[view of McBride home at 214 S Main St]
carpet rag sewing at McBride home, 214 S Main St

I'm seeing many photographs with Maude McBride's name written on the back, but also J. D. Given, Photographer, U.S.A. stamped on the back. The opens more questions as James David Givens (1863 - 1939) worked out of the Presidio in California. He seemed to have taken photos around the world, but did he take pictures in Bluffton? Or are these reprints that he did of other photographs?

The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps show the outline of the 1906 and 1912 buildings. The 1885 buildings were frame and outside the purview of Sanborn. The only indication was that there were four dwellings and two businesses.

[200 block of S Main St]
1885 Sanborn map

[200 block of S Main St]
1906 Sanborn map

[200 block of S Main St]
1912 Sanborn map

Color added to the Sanborn maps, but buildings were much the same as the prior six years.

As an aside, the McBride furniture store and undertaking establishment opened at this location on the southeast corner of South Main and East Elm Streets when William McBride bought Lot 130 in the original plat of Bluffton for $30, which was recorded 14 Feb 1845. A year earlier, 15 Feb 1844, apprenticeship papers were signed whereas Master William McBride would take as an apprentice, Marshall Stewart whose mother, Elizabeth Stewart had married Adam Hatfield a year earlier (22 Jun 1843) in Wells County.

[200 block of S Main St]
McBride furniture store and undertaking

[200 block of S Main St]
McBride furniture store and undertaking

p. 3 of newsletter: Nitro Explosion Site
[field trip to site of nitro explosion]
Right click on the image to "Open image in new tab" to enlarge.

Volume 27  Number 2   March 2022

This six-page newsletter and new format is a result of discussions concerning the financial status of the society. Currently, discussions are continuing and the appearance of the newsletter may be influx. Contents include listing some free genealogy websites, a list of newspaper reports on a robbery in transit to the Studabaker Bank (transcriptions of articles appear here), promotion of a program on Tocsin and transcriptions of some 1887 newspaper items.

Volume 26  Number 6   November 2021 -- Volume 27  Number 1   January 2022

This double issue of twenty-four (24) pages is a result of the November issue being late and discussions about the length and format of the newsletter. Contents include an article on Verdi Karns by a member of the Bluffton Free Street Fair band, an expanded biographical sketch on Verdi and her family, articles about the G. A. R., an article by WCPL librarian Alice Curry about Searching Home and Land Records, notes on Bluffton Mayor J. P. Hale, and an account of the nitroglycerine explosion of a wagon crossing the Wabash river.

Volume 26  Number 5   September 2021

Another twenty (20) page newsletter continues a theme from the last issue with an obituary of John A. Grove. A short-lived attempt to include various published sources about the Genealogical Proof Standard in each subsequent issue was started. Newspaper articles about the Bluffton bridge on North Main Street (with sketches of Peter Studabaker and Harry Deam who were noted in one article) are printed as a history of bridges at this site, ending with a discussion of the 1934 Crosbie bridge. Other 1934 projects like the curve on South Main were discussed. A popular article proved to be a discussion of the 'death's door' in the museum. The 'Hundred Years Ago' section related items about Street Fair, a new park, military funeral, and reunions. Items about Bethel Cemetery to promote the cemetery walk, a review of the My Town program on Travisville and Reiffsburg with a book review on naming Indiana towns, and a review of one of the Suffragette Sisters' program on the 19th amendment. Finally, a list of Wells County Post Offices was printed.

Volume 26  Number 4   July 2021

This twenty (20) page magazine style newsletter devoted a quarter of the pages to a donation by Julie Anstaett of a painting by Alan Daugherty of four houses on the north side of the 500 block of West Market Street. It is hanging on the front porch of the museum where from the front door one can look down the street to see the three remaining houses. Associated articles list residents of East and West Market Street from the 1915 telephone directory. Then two queries to the editor are published; one about the Haflich family and the other asking about Malinda A. Kain and her husband Samuel E. Penrod. Alan Daugherty transcribed material received as a donation to the museum about the Prospect Methodist Church, which filled almost five pages of the issue. A variety of odds and ends completes this issue.

Volume 26  Number 3   May 2021

This short issue of only ten (10) pages has its regular features and an expanded calendar of upcoming programs. A family gathering and the origins of the Liberty Center class reunion are a response to the surprising reaction to the previous issue on family reunions. Then the stories of two suicides are reported. A variety of items are noted about Ossian Presbyterian, Washington Park and the Wells County student population. The issue ends with an update of more free websites that should be of interest for the family historian. name index

The Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office Records site contains Federal land patents and other records.
Finding those serving in the Civil War on either side.
Specific interest in Civil War, significant for Wells County casualites, i.e., Col. William Swaim.
Example of images available from the Library of Congress.
Another valuable resource from the Library of Congress to search newspapers.
The state version of a list of Indiana newspapers.
Scroll down to click on Bluffton Chronicle or Bluffton Weekly Chronicle from the variety of newspapers from around the world. The editor's preference is to show: Month and date: type year to search.
Had been the go to site for a quick and dirty search of what's out there. So many duplications from before change in format when it was easy to download a gedcom, attach it to one's own and then upload it again. Less user friendly now.
The Indiana Historical Society website has a section on donated family records.
After making a selection, a pop-up will give you a choice: click ok.
List of submitted records. Survey the list of files posted and consider sending your own contribution. The Wells County Historical Museum has a collection of family bibles that may have genealogical information to transcribe if your own family bibles do not contain such pages.
A resource from the LDS
Search records, images, genealogies, books, etc.
General resources from the New York Public Library, but can be used for genealogical research.

Volume 26  Number 2   March 2021

The standard twelve (12) page issue has the previous meeting's minutes, the President's Corner and the Letter From The Editor. The filler for this issue is some newspaper reports on family reunions between 1899 through 1921, but basically only a selection of articles of family names from the first half of the alphabet. The issue concludes with a short Calendar of Events with a short newspaper notice of a new town (1903) [that didn't develop] to promote the resumption of the series of presentations on Wells County towns and ends with a couple more obituaries of WCGS members -- Sue Poulson and Virginia Ditzler Neel.

Volume 26  Number 1   January 2021

This twenty-four (24) page issue, printed on 11x17 inch paper and saddle-stitched, announces the Wells County Historical Society board of directors voting to combine newsletters. The WCGS had voted to do so five years prior to this action, but other conditions have not been met. The issue also advertized for a new editor. The contents included an article by Alan Daugherty on the "Civil War Letter of Daniel Abbott to Spouse Jane," two companion articles by Scott Elzey on "The Story of William Bumgarner's Grave Marker" and "William Bumgarner -- Medal of Honor Recipient." Alan adds "WWI Wells County Pence Letters" and Scott adds his discussion of "The Mysterious Bayonet." A short notice by Maj. Richard Lewis Blanton, Jr. Ret. recommends a Civil War book, Moses D Gage, From Vicksburg to Raleigh - Or, a Complete History of the Twelfth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and the Campaigns of Grant and Sherman, with an outline of the Great Rebellion. 356 pages. Chicago: Clarke & Co., Publishers, 1865. Then the editor expands the 1840 Census for Bluffton to look at the individuals and families of "Pioneer Bluffton and Wells County: RESIDENTS BEFORE 1840." The editor returns to a previous subject, a mysterious and intriguing resident of the Poor Farm and its cemetery; continues with a promotion for the 19th Amendment anniversary; and a carryover newspaper transcription about assessments for a proposed Wabash River dredging. The issue concludes with a query by Ann Hamilton Shields, solicitations to support the Historical Museum through purchases through Amazon and at Kroger, an obituary for Doug Bowman, and finally, a transcription of a Register of Trained Nurses that can be seen in the Museum's Medical Room.

Volume 25  Number 6   November 2020

The following issues not have been transferred yet from the unsupported rootsweb site.

Volume 25  Number 5   September 2020

Volume 25  Number 4   July 2020

Volume 25  Number 3   May 2020

Volume 25  Number 2   March 2020

Volume 25  Number 1   January 2020

Volume 24  Number 6   November 2019

Volume 24  Number 5   September 2019

Volume 24  Number 4   July 2019

Volume 24  Number 3   May 2019

Volume 24  Number 2   March 2019

Volume 24  Number 1   January 2019

Volume 23  Number 6   November 2018

Volume 23  Number 5   September 2018

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Volume 23  Number 3   May 2018

Volume 23  Number 2   March 2018

Volume 23  Number 1   January 2018

Volume 22  Number 6   November 2017

Volume 22  Number 5   September 2017

[34th Indiana 50th Reunion]

Volume 22  Number 4   July 2016

Volume 22  Number 3   May 2016

Volume 22  Number 2   March 2016

Volume 22  Number 1   January 2016

Volume 21  Number 6   November 2016

Volume 21  Number 5   September 2016

Volume 21  Number 4   July 2016

Volume 21  Number 3   May 2016

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Volume 21  Number 1   January 2016

Volume 20  Number 6   November 2015

Volume 20  Number 5   September 2015

Volume 20  Number 4   July 2015

Volume 20  Number 3   May 2015

Volume 20  Number 2   March 2015

Volume 20  Number 1   January 2015

The Bluffton Chronicle can be read online at Google News Archive. Scroll down to Bluffton Chronicle or Bluffton Weekly Chronicle for what year you wish to read. If you click on Bluffton Chronicle, then you can choose 'show' and 'size' options. I usually pick 'month' and either 'small' or 'medium.' You may either use the right and left arrows or type a year in the 'date' box. The sources for the list of names of "Old Settlers" for the original newsletter article among those online are August 28, 1889 (p. 2, col. 6) [note someone's editorial comment of "doubtful" handwritten on the page] and September 5, 1889 (p. 3, col. 8).

How to Become a Professional Genealogist
Association of Professional Genealogists https://www.apgen.org/
ProGen Study Group http://www.progenstudy.org/
Board for Certification of Genealogists http://www.bcgcertification.org/
International Commission for the Accreditation of Genealogists http://icapgen.org/icapgen/
Genealogy Professional
For those into podcasts and webinars, The Genealogy Professional is one of a baker's dozen listed on Cyndi's List of podcasts. Cyndi Ingle, herself, was on TGP 33 podcast last Fall.

Practice makes Perfect
Ericsson / Gladwell 10,000 hours for expertise idea qualified http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/07/140728094258.htm

Online Genealogical Learning

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness http://www.raokg

A Noteworthy High School Research Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohw6D-bcfPU
If you don't click on any other link, click on this one!

Volume 19  Number 6   November 2014

"Ten Reasons to Join a Local Genealogy Society" by Kathleen W. Hinckley, WCGS Projects, Lent A. Williamson biographical sketch, Wells County Auditors

Volume 19  Number 5   September 2014

Everett Faulkner, Passports and Travel, Lawrence Van Emon in the Civil War

Volume 19  Number 4   July 2014

Alternative Birth Records, Deam Families,

Volume 19  Number 3   May 2014

Volume 19  Number 2   March 2014

Johnson/Johnston surnames, Wells County schools, Memorial Day 1914

Volume 19  Number 1   January 2014

John Mock, the mayor of Bluffton a hundred years ago, is the subject of this segment in an irregular series of articles on Bluffton mayors, one of several series (businesses, cemeteries, churches, and social organizations, etc.) proposed for future issues. A biographical and genealogical sketch about John is the introductory article accompanying several newspaper articles pertaining to him and his wife.

Volume 18  Number 6   November 2013

This issue is dedicated to the Old Bluffton Cemetery. Family information on three buried in the old cemetery is offered in articles by Bruce Sonner on Silas Burnside, Joe Patterson on Nathaniel DeHaven Sr., and Susie Szynalski on Erastus K. Bascom. The Bascom article has links for further resources:
"Read more stories about Bascoms on the Bascom Reunion and Genealogy site on Facebook. The Online Bascom genealogy has over 6,200 researched Bascom descendents of the original Thomas Bascom who arrived on our shores in 1634. http://bascomgenealogy.com/"

The Indiana Herald newspaper, Huntington, IN.
Dates: 28 Aug 1850, 14 Jan 1852, 25 Apr 1852, 12 May 1852, 21 July 1852

Biographical and Historical Record of Adams & Wells Co. IN, Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co 1887 pp 956-957

Gen Forum: History of Jasper MI: Capt. Douglas E McDowell

History of Bluffton: The City of Bluffton, Indiana


Laws of the State of Indiana, 1851 Session Laws, p. 518   e book


Report of the Debates and Proceedings of the Convention for the Constitution of Indiana, 1850, on openlibrary.org"

Notice was made that the "A List of Transfers from Old Bluffton to Fairview Cemetery" was updated online as part of the introduction to the article "A Partial Chronological List of Burials at Old Bluffton Cemetery", which is revised and annotated here.

Volume 18  Number 5   September 2013

The theme of this issue is the Six Mile Church, which is celebrating its 175th anniversary this month. A number of newspaper articles relating to the Six Mile church are included as well as a couple of references to the M. E. church also celebrating its anniversary this year. Transcribed newspaper articles referring to the G. A. R. trip to Chattanooga TN and an Old Settlers meeting during Street Fair a hundred years ago are included. Contributed material includes an article on "Legal Property Descriptions" and a notice for the 2013 Ditzler Reunion. A couple of somewhat humorous 'legal' articles round out the issue. An additional Six Mile church article can be found here.

Volume 18  Number 4   July 2013

Newspaper articles on the Presbyterian church in Bluffton and on Poneto, its press, its fair and it banks are beginning material in this issue. Articles from 1913 on the fiftieth anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and some articles on the drinking fountains in Bluffton complete the 'A Hundred Years Ago' articles.

Volume 18  Number 3   May 2013

Two contributors share unpublished works. Suzanne Spindler has some Civil War letters from John T. Cartwright and Henry Cartwright of Ossian. Typescripts and photocopies of the letters are provided to the Wells County Tracer. Tom Eversden offers more research on the Civil War travels of Lawrence R. VanEmon. Two chapters of his work are published in this issue.

Volume 18  Number 2   March 2013

Regular columns include the January 2013 meeting minutes, the President's Corner, and the Editorial column. An obituary of WCGS member, June Ann Shrock, a book review of the Swaim Civil War letters, and newspaper article transcriptions by the editor on floods, the county orphan home, and a precursor on the income tax. Vi Tester supplies an article on a newer resource at the public library, microfilm of Wells County marriage records. Also note that the Wells County Public Library offers genealogy classes.

Volume 18  Number 1   January 2013

This issue has two special articles: Tom Eversden (teversden@yahoo.com) is researching his wife's ancestor L. R. VanEmon, a civil war veteran. A report on their travels to visit sites where the 101st Indiana Infantry were during Pvt. VanEmon's first year of service is very informative. Three very interesting letters written by Lawrence VanEmon during the war were transcribed by Mr. Eversden and printed in this issue. A Brief History of the Six Mile Cemetery, the Cemetery Column for this issue, is authored by Scott Shoup, secretary of the Six Mile Cemetery Association, and required reading for any family historian or genealogist whose family members are buried here. The Book Review column discusses two books that published the Civil War diaries of William Bluffton Miller (75th Ind. Inf. Co. K). [See also, bit.ly/wbmiller]

Links within the feature article, Civil War letters of Pvt. Lawrence R. VanEmon, 101st Ind. Inf. Co. B:

Links within the Cemetery Column: Six Mile Cemetery:

Volume 17  Number 6   November 2012

After the minutes of the previous meeting and the President's column, the Book Review discusses the outline of the 2003 publication of the WCGS, Early Settlers of Blackford & Wells Counties 1837-1898. A list of the Family Group Sheets in the "First Families of Wells County" section is included. An introduction to an irregular series of articles on Wells County social clubs prefaces the article about the Bluffton Psychical Society. Several prominent residents of Bluffton were associated with this group, among them being Levi Mock, a Bluffton mayor. This then leads into another series of proposed articles on Bluffton mayors. A Short Biographical Sketch of Levi Mock initiates the serial. An rearrangement of data combines burial sites with a list of veterans of the 101st Indiana Infantry, Company B to continue the attempt of the previous issue's handling of the 47th Ind. Inf., Co. A.

Co B 101st Regt.

Volume 17  Number 5   September 2012

The July minutes, the President's column, the Editor's column and a Short Biographical Sketch of David Hathaway Swaim begin this issue. The first edition of the Cemetery Column has the Old Bluffton Cemetery as its subject. Associated articles are on transfers from Old Bluffton to Fairview Cemetery and military veteran burials in Old Bluffton. A list of Civil War veterans who served in the 47th Regiment, Company A is printed with an attempt to identify the cemeteries where they are buried.

Good Bye  outgoing 1888 Chronicle editor

Greeting  incoming 1888 Chronicle editor

Old Bluffton Cemetery 1841 land donation  Commissioners' records

Old Bluffton Cemetery 1841 survey  Commissioners' records

Lancaster Section 33 patents  land patents prior to 1841 Old Bluffton Cemetery survey

Old Bluffton transfers  (article in v.17, n.5 issue of WC Tracer)


Co A 47th Regt.

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